Essential Ways to Prepare a Child for the First Day of School

The first day at school is a major milestone in the lives of kids as well as parents. This launch of the kid’s learning career is also the first step towards their independence we’re raising our kids for. This day will also mark the beginning of your lives being organized according to the school hours.
From guiding your child to wash his hands before eating anything and not spoiling kids dress to asking him to finish his sandwiches first, parents make every effort to make this journey a comfortable one for the new learner.
Knowing your child is ready for this big day and making him feel ready are two different aspects. From organizing their dresses to preparing their bags, let’s make schooling fun for kids.

   Visit the School in Advance

Prepare your child for the first day of school

Many schools allow the parents and the students to visit the school in advance and before the session start. In this way, the students do not get afraid for the first time when they enter the school building. You can pay a visit to their school; make a visit to the classroom and cafeteria. Also, you can check the infrastructure of the school and discuss the same with your kid and know about his observations. This will help in assuring your kid that he will be taken good care of, while he is in school and will be able to meet new people.

   Meet the Teacher

Prepare your child for the first day of school

If possible, meet the teacher in charge of the class in advance. Both you and your child will feel comfortable before the class commences. Also, meeting the teacher prior to the class will make sure that the child sees a familiar face on the first day of the school. You can even prepare the cheat sheet for the teacher having all the information related to your kid. The sheet should include your kid’s interests, his favorite games, and talents. You can also mention your worries regarding his first day in school.

  Visit the Classroom and Locate the Washroom

Prepare your child for the first day of school

When you visit the school, show the kids the way to their classroom teaching them how to sit on the seats and how to manage the stuff, their books, and their lunchboxes. Also, show them the way to the washrooms and give them the chance to flush the toilet, so that they do not get frightened by the loud flushes when you are not around. School might also offer assistance with every class teacher to help children going to washrooms, add an extra pair of kids shoesin case they spoil the one they are wearing.

   Get the School’s Handbook

Prepare your child for the first day of school

Knowing the expectations of the school in advance will help you set your aims and train your kids on time. You can ask for the copy of the handbook and read it well before sending your kid to the school. Reading the rules may give rise to some doubts which might be related to the kids clothesmoney policy, get them cleared as soon as possible.

   Shop for School Accessories Together

Prepare your child for the first day of school

Sharing the fun experience of getting school supplies can be exciting and will also build a sense of attachment among the kids with their stuff. You can follow the list given to you by the school and help your kid to choose his favorite items, Tiffin boxes, pencil boxes, bags, and water bottles. Though choosing the color for the kids wear will not be on the list, but taking them along to get the dress of their size will make them feel excited for their first day at school.

   Fill In the Lunch Box with Surprise

Prepare your child for the first day of school

The first day in the school can be overwhelming with emotions for your kid and as well as for you. You can cook something good and his favorite food for his Tiffin that he gets excited about seeing. Make food that appeal to his eyes and the one that you have always been saying no to him. This small gesture will make him realize that you too are thinking about him while he is away.

   Be Organized

Prepare your child for the first day of school

It is very important to get into the routine of being organized both for your kids and you. Select the outfit to wear, the items to be packed in the bag. Start preparing with the list of items to be included in the lunchbox, ask for his say. Early good habits last forever. You can also start preparing your child for the big day two months prior to the admission. Make it his habit to eat from the Tiffin, train him to get up at the time scheduled for the school, and teach him to talk to everyone politely. These habits developed at the right time will be very helpful for him to adjust positively with the new surroundings.

   Be Supportive

Prepare your child for the first day of school

Your kid’s first day in the school can be equally difficult for you. Being supportive will be an easy way to help them overcome the fear of school, after all, you also know they are going to love this after a week or so. Share positive experiences from your school diaries and show him the thing that he is going to enjoy in his new school or second home. Ask him to make new friends and talk to new people and also teach him to share his fears with the teacher as she will be only there to assist him in your absence.

   Be Supportive at Drop Offs

Prepare your child for the first day of school

You need to act strong this time. Give plenty of hugs and kisses but act in a balanced way. If you have successfully filled your child with the excitement for his first day in the school, this goodbye session will not be difficult. With all the positivity you have passed on to your kid, he will be equally excited to experience a new beginning. All you have to do is to keep a smile on your face at the time you bid byes and trust the authorities that they will take good care of him. Assure your kid that you will be waiting for him at the end of the day and make sure to be on time.

Do not forget to take pictures for the first day at school this will be no less than a treasure that you will look back with fondness. Teach your child how to react with issues related to bullying and stranger danger. Also, help him manage his emotions related to anger and frustration. Adding an extra set of kids dress to his bag will be a very intelligent decision because you never know when they spoil it even after taking so many precautions.

A positive attitude will help everything fall in place and you will be able to create memories to cherish for lifetime. Following these things might not completely avoid tears, but will make this transition a healthy experience. Be ready at the end of the day to welcome your little scholars with a smile and join them when they come up with new stories every day.

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10 Healthy and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Your kids

Termed as the most important meal of the day, a healthy breakfast taken by your child can keep him active, focused, and alert all through the day. It is definitely a challenge to make children eat before going to school. Choosing a perfect diet for your kid can be as tricky as choosing kids clothes that suit their style. A perfect breakfast should have complete nutrient quotient and should not compromise with the growing needs of your kids.
Breakfast acts as fuel after an over-night fast; make it well-planned for a healthy mind and body. Here, we have mentioned some creative breakfast ideas that your kids will enjoy having:

·         Apple Fruit Donuts

It is a very innovative way to help your kids eat healthily. For those who do not like fruits can be easily tricked with this desert looking frosted donuts. With icing of creamy cheese on top of a thick apple-slice looks like a real thing. You can even add food colorings and colorful sprinkles to give it an extra pretty look.

·         Silly Faces Breakfast Toast

      Kids prefer faces on kid’s suits and on food as well. Toast with silly faces will be fun to present and create. Get the artist in you and design these toasts with healthy vegetables and sauces. You can use olives, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and other healthy vegetables. Your kids will not be able to resist these toasts.

·         Hash brown and Sausage Pizza

      Seems more like dinner for breakfast! If your kid swears for not having all the breakfast foods you can serve him a pizza slice instead. Make the crust with crescent dough and toppings of eggs, sausages, and hash-browns and it will definitely win the hearts of your kid.

·         Yogurt Popsicles

You kid will surely not like to take a bowl full of cereals. What about giving it a transformation? You can create attractive popsicles. Kids will feel happy as they might consider they are having ice cream for breakfast, but you can be at ease as you know he is getting plenty of vitamins and calcium.

·         Fruit Pizza

It is a very creative idea to make your kids have a healthy breakfast made of fruits. Replace tomato sauce with cream and mozzarella with fresh sliced fruits like mango slices, strawberry, and kiwi and make it a colorfully healthy treat without compromising with the taste.

·         French Toasted Kabobs

      For kids who do not like peanut butter and jelly sandwich will love this twist in the appearance. These kabobs combine the flavors of old traditional sandwiches that can fit into the child’s taste-buds. You can add grape jelly to add new flavors. You can even substitute peanut butter with almond butter.

·         Banana and Peanut Butter Roll

       Easy to make and serve, this roll is healthy and tasty at the same time. All you need to do is take a healthy whole wheat tortilla, spread peanut butter on it, sliced banana and some chocolate chips of course. This is a power packed breakfast that can be carried to the school bus when your kid is in a hurry. You can even add berries, raisins, and nuts to make it more nutritious.

·         Sushi

To roll like a parenting pro is not only about choosing kids new dress but also to make a perfect balance in appearance and flavors of the food. Make a perfect banana and cereal sushi for a bright Monday morning and definitely your kid will love to have this grown-up food for breakfast.

·         Apple Sandwich

“An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. What could be a better time than the morning breakfast to add it to your day? Make apple sandwiches adding the flavors that your kid likes. It can be a chocolate one or of peanut butter. Ask your kid to customize his sandwich and guide him on how to make a perfect one without spoiling his kids wear

·         Carrot Cake Smoothie

If your child does not like to eat breakfast, make him drink it. Make a refreshing carrot cake smoothie and this could be exactly something that he might be craving for. This protein-packed antioxidant is a complete diet in itself. Moreover, this nutritious food will keep your kid full till lunch.

Preparing a lavish breakfast might not be possible but you can make some healthy snack in breakfast with fruit juices to give them wholesome food. Eating breakfast improves memory, concentration, and attention and in turn, helps in the improvement of grades. Enrich your morning milkshake with flavors that last for long, add nuts and fruits to it to make it nutritious. This time when you go to buy kids clothes, take him along, and get his favorite fruits as well to add it to his diet.

Kids Fashion Online: Swimwears to Shop for Your kids Now!

Buying the right swimsuit for kids is not easy. Comfort is the first priority for kids of all ages. In case of babies and toddlers, one should prefer special swimming diapers that would make them feel comfortable in the water. Swim wears are high in demand while looking for kids fashion onlineFor school children, it is good to choose fashionable and affordable swimwear. In case of kids suit for swim, select the fabric quality that would prevent your kids from sun rays when they go outside for swimming.

Types of Kids' Swimwear:

Boys' Swimwear

The variety of summer swimwear for boys is similar to their fathers. Swim shorts, board shorts, and swim trunks for boys are the best options. Board shorts are specifically famous because of their regular fit, vibrant colors and patterns, and longer length that prevent from the sun.
 For slim boys, prefer lace-up closures that would keep their swim bottoms safe. In order to prevent the upper body of the baby boy from intense UV exposure, always use a UV rash guard. Rash guards come in both short and long sleeves, and can be bought as full-body swimsuits.

Girls' Swimwear

Girls swimwear comes in one-and two-piece styles. Tankinis, board shorts with tops, one-piece suits, bikinis, and rash guards are different types of stylish swimwear. Rash guard or one-piece is one of the best options that would give additional coverage to prevent your baby girl's soft skin from harmful rays of the sun. In case of kids shopping for swimwear, choose attractive colors and distinct patterns of bikini sets would add style and grace to their outlook. Tankini is also the best option that would provide her added comfort in contrast to a two-piece set. It consists of a tank top that is paired with a bottom of the bikini. A swimwear outfit allows easy dressing and undressing within less time and also protects from the harmful effects of the sun. 

Baby & Toddler Swimwear

Babies and toddlers have specifically soft skin that can be burned easily by sun exposure. Therefore, rash guard’s suits and tops, hooded towels and other protective outfits would be the best option in order to shield them from extreme UV rays. Always select those swim-wears that feature supportiveness for easy movements of your baby. Regular diapers get stretched and break apart in the water. Swimming diapers don't get swell and are easy to remove for changing. Also, consider floating swimsuits that have built-in buoyancy panels in order to help kids float.

Kids' Swimwear Material

Polyester, lycra-blends, and nylon are important kids' swimwear materials as they are affordable, flexible and contain elasticity. Neoprene suits are for those kids who easily get chills in cold water as they are good warmth-retainers. Swim diapers are available in both disposable and reusable types. 
Swim diapers are specially designed to prevent skin rashes in water. Swimwear for babies, toddlers, girls, and boys should be adorable and comfortable. All the swimwear are specially made from lightweight materials for quick-drying and no retaining of water.

Think wisely and select swimwear by browsing kids fashion online. Let your kids feel comfy and become trendy even in swim suits!!!

Special and Latest Dresses For Your Baby Girl

No matters how many Birthdays come and go, but your tot will always be your little princess. As a parent you are always do various efforts to adorn your cute princess with beautiful attires and accessories. No matter, that its her birthday or any other birthday party of her friend or cousin. You always want that your girl should look unique, and grab the attention of others by her appearance. A perfect piece of dress will make her happy and will bring a big smile on her face. So for that you can visit our website and shop dresses for baby girls . As we have wide range of designs and styles and high quality fabric, therefore you can trust us completely. So without worrying so much, you can shop with us and have a relaxing shopping experience. Scroll down to check the pretty dresses from our collection.

Embroidered Cherry Side High Low Kids Party Dress

Every baby girl loves to wear cherry red color, and it’s one of the favourite color of little divas. In this beautiful dress your diva will look more beautiful, as this color raise the beauty and make her glow. Our Embroidered Cherry Side High Low Kids Party Dress has embroidered bodice which enhance the charm of whole attire. Zip closure at back make this dress easy to wear and offers perfect fit. You can match this dress with cute red sandals or with golden bellies.

Glory Bloom Cream Kids Stylish Dress

Glory Bloom Cream Kids Stylish Dress is a fashionable halter neck dress with beautiful net flare. The lace work enhance the charm of the dress which will look too beautiful on your tot. It is a perfect piece that will look great on any day party.As the fabric is too soft and provide comfort, therefore, your baby girl will never feel irritation while wearing it.

Green Stylish Bella Summer Kids Dress

Green Stylish Bella Summer Kids Dress is adorned with flower appliques. The entire lace work and the embellishment make this dress most beautiful and the color is also too unique. Stylish hemline adds more charm and zip closure at back gives this dress a perfect fit. It is a gorgeous selection for any birthday party.

Hot Pink Bow Kids Dress

Hot Pink Bow Kids Dress is an attractive piece from our collection. It has round neck which is adorned with frills and cute bow. These both embellishment enhance the charm of this elegant dress. You can add this vibrant color dress in your tot’s closet. It will definitely look amazing at night occasion. You can match it up with cute hair pins which has cute bow.

Peachy Roses Summer Satin Kids Partywear

You can add this elegant piece in your little girl collection. Peachy Roses Summer Satin Kids Party wear dress will provide Princess look to your little one. This beautiful dress is embellished with lovely rose applique at waistline. The textured bodice raise the charm of entire outfit. You can adorn your princess for any party occasions. You can match this dress with a cute floral headband and with cute black bellies.

The above mentioned dresses are super gorgeous and will make your little fashinista look more pretty. So grab it now and make her feel special.

Secretly A Mermaid?

Capture it, remember it! Need a photo shoot? A good photograph always helps in keeping a moment from running away and so, it’s definitely a photo time. In this world where everyone is a fish make your daughter a mermaid. You love your baby like anything and we know all you want for them is lots and lots of photo shoots to have a look at their wonderful childhood when they’ll be adulting, as photographs gives you something to remember. Photo shoots are in trend and we have some fabulous baby girl photo props for you with an amazing idea of turning you little girl into a little magical mermaid.
Let her flaunt her mermaid soul through the props and the photo shoot. Gift her a photo shoot this weekend and let her flaunt her pictures and her parents creativity among her friends, and let her feel all special. That’s exactly what you want right? Well, if it is her birthday then this is one perfect gift for her. Make her a mermaid and tell her to feel like one, because just like a mermaid she’s special too.
Greeny Lovely Mermaid Kids Tutu Set

This set comes with a beautiful tube crocheted elasticated bodice that fits perfect with the green colored net tutu flared is one adorable set to dress your little girl in. Dress her in this dress and take her out in the sand, drop some pearls and stars for a perfect photo shoot. Capture something worth to remember and rejoice. 

Blue Lovely Baby Mermaid Tutu Set

If blue is her favorite color or is yours, then get her this blue lovely baby mermaid tutu set. It is a shimmery dress to give all the shine and glitter to your baby girl. With a crocheted elasticated bodice in a tube style fashion, it looks adorable and is perfectly paired with a tutu net flared skirt.dress your baby girl in this beautiful blue dress to make her an angelic mermaid and capture every beautiful moment you’ll have stories to recall about.
Lavender Mermaid Cute Baby Tutu Set

This dress is too cute to have right away. This dress is going to turn your baby girl into a cute little mermaid in her favorite color. This lavender mermaid cute baby tutu set has a touch of pink which is every girl’s favorite color. A perfect dress with tube style of the crocheted elasticated bodice paired with a beautiful tutu net flared pink lavender skirt, perfect for your munchkin’s mermaid photo shoot.

Now you have a splendid idea to make your little girl feel special using some photo props for the babies. You’ll get all of them just in few touches. Surf online and have one of the best moment capturing session.
Good luck!

Spring This Summer With Adorable Swimwear

Summer is here and the only component which can beat summer is the combination of hydrogen and oxygen H2O be it in a glass or in a pool. Summer’s in the city and so the Swimming time. We adults workout the other seasons to get a perfect summer body, to flaunt our body inside one attractive swimwear. We adults are doing so much why to leave kids behind? They want to keep pace. Hold their hands get them one good kids swimming costume to flaunt. Style them with the wide range of variety of swimwear and splash in the pool. You will easily get the perfect swimwear for your baby if you look online. Here we are compiling some options for your search to make easier.

Mini Polka Pink Swimsuit
This suit is for the mini fan girl. If your baby likes mini she is definitively going to like this mini polka swim suit which comes with a back bow to look more attractive on your beautiful daughter. It is a white color swim suits with polka dots surrounding mini with winning boat neck and ruffled in style. Wearing this swimwear your baby will be like mini mouse playing around the pool.

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Jazz Me Up Lovely Kids Bikini Set
Your little swimmer is all ready to set the pool. Make her jump into the pool with his ruffled styled leopard print swimwear. There is a cute cap for your baby to look cuter. The swimsuit comes with an attractive blue color bow on pastel pink color swimsuit. If you are heading the pool with a bikini get her a bikini set too. Like mother like daughter.

Hottest Pink Tassels Funky Kids Bikini Set
A swimwear which will look cute and attractive on you baby girl. the pink color will make your daughter shine among all. This gives your little girl comfort and style altogether. It is a cute pair to grab and let your daughter flaunt. Let her enjoy her summer in colors.

Pretty Dolls Ruffles Swimsuit

This swimsuit is perfect for your baby girl if she loves dolls. Baby kids swimwear online has a special knot style strap swimwear for you baby. It is colored in attractive pink, a color all baby girl wishes for. This swimwear is layered and looks like a skirt. It comes with a cute doll print cap to give your baby a different touch.

Cutie Pie Snow white Swimwear With Headband

This is one different and colorful swimwear to attract any baby. No chance your little daughter will say no to such a cute swimwear. This swimwear looks like snowhite’s dress. It is halter necked in bright yellow color with attractive blue bow. There comes a headband along which will give your daughter a complete summer look. And trust us you would be glad to see her in pool swimming like a snowhite.

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These were some amazingly cute pair of swim wears for your little girl to wear this summer and hit the pool in style. We believe it helped you to get an idea what your little one needs this summer. Consider these peppy swim wears when you finally shop online and decide to buy one. After all your daughter should rock among all.

Make Kids Birthdays More Exciting With These 5 Party Supplies

Being a parent, you are responsible for doing it all for your little one’s birthday. Throwing a successful birthday party for your kids is a no exception! No doubt a lot of detailed planning is involved which goes into throwing a cheerful birthday party. With so many distinctive details to check, we get caught up in the situation of being an ‘event planner’ rather than being part of the enjoyment of your little one’s big day. To make sure that your kids and you have a great time celebrating a birthday, get your kids birthday party supplies online India and they’ll make sure to surefire birthday party success!

We have penned few of the kids birthday party supplies which would make the bash a job well done.

Gold Bling HAPPY BIRTHDAY full Set

Balloons! Those colorful, joyous and orbs of delight bring smiles to everyone! How can you imagine throwing a kids birthday party without this Gold Bling Happy Birthday full set as a part of the decoration? Being as graceful as ever, this balloon set can easily be a centerpiece to a party fervor. Make this balloon set all illuminated with the different colorful small balloons to make it even more dazzling.

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Superhero Love 18 Inch Balloon

Join your favorite comic characters and save this day with this Superheros Love 18 Inch Balloon. This balloon is an ideal choice for your little superhero and would really fuel the superpower in kids for this special night. Your little one is surely going to love this balloon engrossed with the superheros print.

It’s A Girl Balloon 36 Inch

What more special way to mark the arrival of your birthday princess with this It’s A Girl Balloon 36 Inch. Planning the first birthday party for your little angel is so much fun and a joyful affair. Beautifully coated in the pink color, this balloon makes for the perfect choice when it comes to your angel’s first birthday. This balloon is too sweet, just like her and she is sure to love it.

Minnie Theme 1st Birthday Set Of 5 Large Balloons

Have you ever seen any dull moment with Minnie Mouse? We don’t think so! This Minnie Theme 1st Birthday Set of 5 Large Balloons is the perfect piece for your little angel on her birthday bash. Its a moment of an instant celebration when Minnie Mouse comes near angels. This balloon would surely make your little one’s special day even a bit more special.

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Hello Kitty Love 36 Inch Large Balloon

Look no further, Hello Kitty is here! Being one of the most acclaimed cartoon characters, this Hello Kitty Love 36 Inch large balloon is all that your daughter wants for her special day. Kitty White would herself agree to make this special occasion cuter than ever. Just make little angels stand with this bundle of cuteness and go clicking and clicking!

Everything is cute for the little angels and if you are shopping for kids party supplies India, you can go for the ones listed here and can easily make the bash what exactly you visioned.