How to Make Your Baby’s First Photo-shoot Super Fun

Not that your newborn is not just too adorable on his own, but adding some fun photo props along side would elevate the experience of his first ever photo-shoot to an all new level. Photo props are a latest fad. A well planned elaborate photo-shoot, besides the selfies at every hour, has become almost a norm these days. And young parents take great pains to make it a creative and fun-charged activity for their little one.

So if you’ve just welcomed a new soul in your lives, or are expecting one, planning his photo-shoot should be one of the things you should not neglect. You wouldn’t want your baby to regret not having those extra-ordinary photographs to look back to when he grows up. Moreover, making those preparations and finding the perfect props can be a fun pass time for you too.

Here are a few beautiful baby photo props ideas that could be of help to you - 

Garlands : Easy and inexpensive. Pick up a garland of bright flowers like orchids, or one made of snowball yarn or with cartoon stickers. Just remember it is light and long, and in no way a trouble for the baby. A DIY garland would just be perfect.

Headbands and hats: You can use them alone or team them up with more props. There is a wide variety of baby hair accessories available online (you’ll be surprised how utterly innovative some pieces are). Pick one that shines out, and will give an added spunk to your baby’s photographs.

Wooden letters: They are best when they baby is big enough to engage with them, like hold out the letters. But you can even use them for your newborn’s photo-shoot. Place or hang the initial letter of the baby’s name near him and see the wonderful effect it adds to the frame.

Stuffed Animals: Don’t think, you have to make a fresh purchase. You probably have already bought a few stuff toys for your baby’s amusement. For the photo-shoot, all you need is to pick a big one (maybe even bigger than your baby) and then have your baby be clicked with his animal buddy.

Baskets, Boxes and Buckets: These are the most fun props you could use for baby photo-shoots. Pick up a cute tub, or a jute basket, or a treasure chest, anything that had hold in your baby and is eye catching. Place a soft blank inside and then let your baby either sleep or sit in it. The pictures will be adorable.

Flared Tutu Skirts: This outfit is in itself a sufficient photo-prop and the best part, it keep the focus entirely on the baby. Tutu skirts have a gorgeous flare around these when worn by your baby will make for a too-cute-too-adorable-oh-my-my sight. Picture perfect, isn’t it!

By the way, in the list of newborn baby photo shoot props, is one essential item sans which the baby’s photo-shoot will be incomplete; the one prop which he received as a default gift 9 months prior to his birth. Yes, we are talking about the mommy-and-daddy prop. So be a part of the photo-shoot and also the captured frames.

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